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Hello to all fellow quilters.

Are you familiar with the problem of unfinished quilt tops?

Don’t you just love the thrill of choosing new fabrics, planning, and piecing a new project? Now to get on with the quilting… let’s be honest, it’s the quilting that can prove to be a bit of a chore for the most of us, whether to hand quilt, stitch in the ditch or do we drop the feed dogs and go for it!

We all can’t be competition level, there is room for all skill levels in our quilting world, making gifts for loved ones and making charity quilts. We have to keep our stash topped up with jelly rolls, layer cakes, fat quarter bundles. The list is endless. The quilting sometimes get neglected in favour of the next project waiting to begin.

I have a solution, here at ‘Lismore Quilting’ I took delivery of a fantastic ‘Gammill Statler’ in November 2014.

My stash of unfinished quilts are done and I am here at your service.

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A little about Lismore Qulting.

Lismore Quilting is owned by my husband and myself with me at the helm. We are based on the south side of Glasgow. I love being a part of a quilts journey. It has been a real honour to play my part with my amazing Gammill Statler quilting system. The technology has made great advances in the quilting world, but the need is still there to set up a quilt top, wadding, and backing accurately and to match up each pattern to create your quilt top.

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